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How to Stay Relaxed During Your Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be very stressful, especially if you are having your first child as you won't know what to expect. Keeping calm and staying relaxed during your pregnancy can improve your baby's wellbeing and make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience. Below are some top tips for taking it easy during your pregnancy...

Have a bubble bath 

Relaxing in a warm bath full of bubbles is something which most people find calming. Put on some soothing music and light a few candles so you can fully escape. Make sure the water isn't too hot so you don't overheat though.

Have a massage 

Being pregnant can put a huge strain on your joints and muscles as on average women gain approximately two stone during pregnancy. This extra weight can soon have you feeling sore and stiff and in need of a massage. Ask your masseuse to concentrate on your feet, legs and back as these are the areas which can have the most tension during pregnancy. If you feel uncomfortable laying on your front or having those areas of your body massaged then a foot or hand massage can also help you relax and feel pampered.

Get plenty of rest 

This might seem easier said than done but it's important to schedule in time to rest and put your feet up. If you feel like you have too much to do to relax properly then ask family members for help with the housework or to run errands for you so you can enjoy some time resting. If you are suffering from morning sickness then this can make having a lay-in virtually impossible and can therefore cause more sleep deprivation. As a cure for morning sickness try sucking on Lillipops iced soothies. Lillipops have been created to soothe away the nausea and accompanying symptoms of morning sickness.

Get rid of morning sickness 

Morning sickness can leave you feeling worn out and stressed for the rest of the day so it's important to take measures to alleviate the symptoms. Lillipops are a great cure for morning sickness for many women but you could also try ginger tea, eating small and regular meals or eating plain crackers before getting out of bed.

Take gentle exercise 

Exercise is well known for being a stress buster so make sure you do some gentle exercise a few times a week to stay active and healthy. It's important to do the type of exercise which you feel comfortable with otherwise it will only increase your stress levels. If you don't like gyms then walk around your local park a few times to get some fresh air or go for a gentle run with a friend. For low impact exercise you could try yoga or swimming. It's always advisable to see your doctor before you start any exercise programme, especially if you are pregnant.

Get the girls round 

Laughter is a great antidote to stress and being pregnant doesn't mean you have to miss out on fun times with your friends. Invite your friends round for nibbles and non-alcoholic punch or have a nice meal out to unwind.

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