Sickness in pregnancy: the AOGOI promotes Lillipops

Sickness in pregnancy: the AOGOI promotes the icicles Lillipops

Reduce up to 70% of morning sickness due to pregnancy 

Good news for pregnant women come from the National Congress of 
Italian gynecologists held in Milan. An experiment conducted by the Italian
Hospital Midwives Gynaecologists (AOGOI) in 10 centers in September and October 
showed that the use of a particular type of ice can reduce this phenomenon up to 95%. 
"Nausea is a symptom most common of the pregnancy - said prof. Antonio Chiantera, 
national secretary AOGOI -:Nausea affects 6 out of 10 women an din 1 to 2% of cases it
 becomes very severe.The symptoms usually appear early and lasts from 30 to 40 days, but some patients 
may continue until the eve of the birth. After the clinical issues relating to 
the use of some drugs that later proved teratogenic (most well known is the 
case of Benedictine in the '80s), there is extreme caution on the part of doctors 
to prescribe medicines to combat it. For this reason, the availability of 
natural remedies that have no side effects is an innovation of particular interest 
to us gynecologists. Lillipops are now on sale in
Italian pharmacies, after the great success in England. 
They are energizing, hydrating and help to alleviate nausea, heartburn, dry mouth. 
The pack of 20 costs about 10 euro and are available in five flavors, 
no sugar added, low-impact energy: grapefruit and tangerine, lemon and mint, 
chamomile and orange, lime and vanilla, ginger (particularly useful).

Nausea is a particularly annoying problem, which can greatly limit the social 
and working life in the early months of pregnancy, creating embarrassment 
and discomfort and real physical problems. The Lillipops born from the 
experience of a new mother: "When I was waiting for my third child I had 
nausea, I felt sick and I was dehydrated. My sence of smell had gone and 
I had no appetite - said Denise Soden, the English housewife who had the 
first insight to this new remedy -. Then I discovered ice, I
 could tolerate it, unlike water or other liquid, gave me relief and allowed 
me to stay hydrated.
This amazing discovery was followed by a stage of research and experimentation that led 
to the confirmation and allowed Lillipops to develop a safe product recommended by 
gynecologists today(AOGOI). The flavors have been studied for different 
symptoms - ginger relieves nausea, chamomile calms the stomach, 
peppermint relieves heartburn - all are refreshing. "Some patients report 
a particular benefit by eating them in the morning on an empty stomach as they 
calm the nausea and facilitate the appetite. Also reported by some patients was that 
they are very effective against stomach acid because it alleviates the 
burning sensation - concludes Chiantera. 
Everything that can improve the quality of life in this sensitive stage 
of a woman's life, provided that it is safe, meets our favor. "
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Lillipops Morning Sickness Remedy Iced Soothies

"We love this simple concept! What a joyful way to ease morning sickness with peppermint and ginger ice lollies (beware kids steal them !)." Janey Lee Grace

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Lillipops are now available to buy from your local Pharmacy.

Pharmacies that do not currently stock Lillipops can order them in for you via key Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.

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