Relieving Heart Burn


Top Tips for Relieving Heart Burn 

Heart burn can affect anyone at any time but it is particularly common during pregnancy. A burning sensation behind the breastbone and an acidic taste in the mouth are the usual symptoms of heart burn. Pregnancy heart burn often occurs because of an increase in progesterone levels which can relax the valve which separates the stomach from the oesophagus. This can create an influx of gastric acids which go back up the oesophagus and cause the burning sensation to occur. Another cause of heart burn in the later stages of pregnancy is when your growing baby pushes up against your stomach which can make digesting food properly more difficult. Whether you are suffering from pregnancy heart burn or heart burn from any other cause there are many ways you can help relieve the symptoms, starting with the top tips below...

* Rich and spicy dishes can trigger heart burn so if you find you are suffering then avoid curries, chillies, sugary foods, fatty foods and any acidic foods such as citrus fruit.

* If you find your heart burn occurs during the night then give yourself a good couple of hours to allow your food to digest before you go to bed. You can also relieve heart burn at night by sleeping propped up in bed to stop stomach acids creeping up. Wearing loose pyjamas will also relieve the pressure on your stomach while you sleep.

* Many people find that their heart burn is most common after meals when the stomach is digesting food. To avoid piling on the pressure on your stomach try eating smaller meals more frequently rather than the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner. A full stomach can cause stomach acids to be pushed back up into the oesophagus which causes the burning sensation.

* Pregnancy heart burn is often coupled with other issues such as morning sickness which can leave you feeling nauseous and worn out. An effective cure for morning sickness and the accompanying heart burn are the specially formulated ice soothies, Lillipops. Lillipops offer a natural remedy to heart burn and morning sickness and have been specially developed to help ladies ease their way through pregnancy.

* Digestive herbal teas can help with digestion and relieve heart burn. Fennel and peppermint can aid digestion although it's important to see what works for you as some people find peppermint in particular can actually trigger heart burn. Many people find that ginger tea not only eases heart burn but can actually be a cure for morning sickness symptoms such as nausea.

* Reducing stress can also ease heart burn as a hectic lifestyle can lead to missed or rushed meals and lack of regular exercise which can all cause heart burn.

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