Relief for Morning Sickness

5 Natural Reliefs for Morning Sickness 

Many women suffer with morning sickness during the first stages of pregnancy and although this is very common it can also make the first trimester an uncomfortable time. In some cases there's no need to suffer though as there are a number of safe and natural remedies for morning sickness available which may help ease nausea.


Ginger has been used for centuries as a way to relieve nausea and therefore is a popular option as a cure for morning sickness symptoms. The main advantage of ginger is that it's so versatile and can be used in everything from tea to healthy stir-fries. If you need nausea relief on the move then ginger biscuits are a great solution for keeping sickness at bay throughout the daytime.


Peppermint has a soothing effect on the digestive system so can help to ease the diarrhoea and stomach upsets many women experience as symptoms of morning sickness. Weak peppermint tea can help settle your stomach and even sucking on a mint or chewing gum may help to calm your symptoms.

Iced lollies 

Naturally flavoured iced lollies available from specialist providers such as Lillipops are a great way to ease the symptoms of morning sickness. These iced lollies are specially formulated for pregnant women and offer a cure for morning sicknesssymptoms including heartburn, dry mouth and sickness. As Lillipops are ice lollies they can help lower your temperature in hot weather by giving you a refreshing respite from the heat. If you are having trouble keeping liquids down or if you have lost your appetite than tasty ice lollies can help keep dehydration at bay.

Eat small meals 

Eating small meals regularly can help to cure morning sickness symptoms as you are putting less pressure on your digestive system and also helping to keep your blood sugar levels constant. Instead of waiting until you feel hungry before you eat, eating healthy snacks or small meals throughout the day will keep you feeling satisfied rather than bloated and sluggish.

Avoid spicy food 

Sometimes just the smell of food can be enough to set off a wave of nausea so avoid any foods which may trigger your stomach such as strong smelling curries. Spicy foods can also aggravate the digestive system and increase the likelihood of heartburn, a common symptom of morning sickness.

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