Pregnancy Fitness

Top Tips for Pregnancy Fitness 

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop your usual exercise activities as staying fit and healthy during pregnancy can actually help your body cope with the demands of being pregnant. Exercise can also give you an energy boost, aid circulation and lift your mood so you can feel fitter and healthier during your pregnancy. If you are fit before you become pregnant then it is often easier to regain your fitness levels after giving birth which can make shifting post baby weight easier and safer. Many women even find that gentle, regular exercise can be a cure for morning sickness and help to keep nausea at bay. Exercising safely during pregnancy has plenty of benefits, check out the top tips for staying fit during pregnancy below...


* Make sure you wear appropriate clothing when you exercise to avoid becoming overheated. Choose loose fitting clothing which keeps moisture away from your skin and allows you to keep cool.

* If you ran, walked or did aerobics before you became pregnant then you should already have a pair of supportive trainers but if yours are looking worn then invest in a new pair. Appropriate trainers should provide support and protection for your feet and joints so that everything from your arches to your knee and hip joints is cushioned.

* Sports bras are a must if you are exercising when pregnant as your breasts are likely to be swollen and sore. Invest in a quality sports bra to minimise discomfort and keep you fully supported whilst exercising.

Keeping cool

* Overheating whilst exercising can be harmful to your baby so make sure you have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated throughout your exercise routine, even if you are just walking to the shops. Dehydration can also lead to feeling sick so staying hydrated can actually be a cure for morning sickness and nausea.

* Feeling hot can often be a symptom of morning sickness so if you find you are too warm to exercise then try having a Lillipops iced soothie before and after exercising. Lillipops may help to keep your temperature down and be an effective nausea remedy during pregnancy.

* Don't be tempted to exercise in hot weather as this can quickly lead to overheating. Instead go for a gentle stroll, a swim or workout in a cooler air conditioned environment such as a gym.

Which sports?

* Swimming is gentle on the joints and can be a relaxing way to exercise for many women. If you do suffer from morning sickness then swimming can be a much more gentle option on the stomach rather than high impact sports such as running.

* If you have been running regularly before you became pregnant then it's safe to continue gentle running during your pregnancy. Stick to flat surfaces, take water with you and avoid running in the heat to keep your exercise as safe as possible.

* Walking is great all round exercise and a much safer option if you are not used to running. As with running, make sure you take water with you and wear supportive shoes.

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