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"I'm not a massive lolly fan but these taste great , I luckily love all the flavours and I have changed my mind about having only one baby, if I can feel this good I will probably end up with four! I am of course back to work and my boss is happy, they even let me keep them in the freezer in our canteen. No more morning sickness! Thanks for such a great product, good luck and keep 'em coming! From a very sicky happy mummy to be."

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Best Pregnancy Product

Lillipops Morning Sickness Remedy Iced Soothies

"We love this simple concept! What a joyful way to ease morning sickness with peppermint and ginger ice lollies (beware kids steal them !)." Janey Lee Grace

Pharmacy Information

Lillipops are now available to buy from your local Pharmacy.

Pharmacies that do not currently stock Lillipops can order them in for you via key Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.

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