Morning Sickness Relief

Is morning sickness leaving you feeling worn out, stressed and miserable? Are you fed up of avoiding your favourite foods and feeling sick at the slightest smell or taste? Nausea, heartburn and exhaustion are common symptoms of morning sickness and they can make it difficult to enjoy being pregnant.

If this sounds familiar then you may not have to suffer any longer as Lillipops can be an effective morning sickness remedy. Lillipops are specially formulated iced lollies which are designed to soothe away morning sickness symptoms. Even if you're suffering from the most severe morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidum, Lillipops may offer you welcome relief the natural way.

Effective Morning Sickness Relief

Lillipops are naturally flavoured iced soothies which contain no artificial colours, sugar or flavourings making them safe for you and your baby. Lillipops work by rehydrating your body and may ease nausea, and in some cases may help with heartburn and dry mouth so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

There are 5 delicious flavours available which may have you bursting with energy: 

  • Revitalising Lemon & Mint
  • Refreshing Grapefruit & Tangerine
  • Soothing Ginger
  • Energising Lime & Vanilla
  • Calming Camomile & Orange

Lillipops Worked For Me!

Lillipops founder Denise had the inspiration for Lillipops after struggling with severe morning sickness without an effective remedy. She created Lillipops for pregnant women as a delicious way to ease nausea, relieve heartburn and stay hydrated during pregnancy. Denise now shares her story with pregnant ladies all over the country...

I've been munching on these wonderful ice pops and I feel so much better. I wish I could shout out loud how good I feel since using them. 

Karen Staffordshire

The Lillipops flavours are different and very refreshing and I loved the Orange and Lime ones, I have already ordered two more boxes! 

Julie Birmingham

The ice pops were really great in that they enabled me to get fluid inside me and didn't make me feel sick afterwards. More Please! 

Wendy - Leverstock Green, Hertfordshire 

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Best Pregnancy Product

Lillipops Morning Sickness Remedy Iced Soothies

"We love this simple concept! What a joyful way to ease morning sickness with peppermint and ginger ice lollies (beware kids steal them !)." Janey Lee Grace

Pharmacy Information

Lillipops are now available to buy from your local Pharmacy.

Pharmacies that do not currently stock Lillipops can order them in for you via key Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.

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