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I am very excited to be able to blog about Lillipops Iced Soothies today having been sent some by Lillipops’ creator and owner, Denise Soden.

They arrived all nicely boxed and when opened they were well protected in bubble wrap with a lovely note from Denise herself. Upon opening the box I was really surprised to find it crammed full – there are 20 iced soothies in the box and every inch is taken up, something I found quite nice as you don’t get that feeling when you open a packet of crisps and it feels like half are missing! It’s also eco-friendly of course to have no excess packaging.

So in the freezer they went and I waited until I could try one! Now I must point out that I’m not pregnant and don’t have morning sickness but I do have Crohn’s disease. A horrible condition which means for long periods I can’t eat anything as my stomach just can’t take any food as my body’s immune system is shot and it mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. The sickness that comes with it is horrendous hence difficultly in staying hydrated. Anti-sickness pills don’t work and the ones that I’ve been given you hold on your gum – they knock me for six so I don’t take them unless I really have to, I will try anything else to see if it works hence me calling on Lillipops.

I tried the ginger one first – I honestly didn’t expect to like it. A ginger ice pop is a bit wrong, surely it should be blackcurrant or strawberry right? Wrong. It’s incredibly mild and it worked in terms of I kept it down! Lime and vanilla was next, again very mild and the lime is very refreshing. Generally I’m really not a fan of vanilla (unless is comes in a pot with Carte Dior written on it!) but this works. Grapefruit and Tangerine, Camomile and Orange, Lemon and Mint are the other flavours. Don’t think “weird combination” think “I never in a million years would have put those combinations together but I’m glad someone did because they’re actually quite nice”!

The main thing for me is having the refreshing cooling taste. If I can stay hydrated I don’t need to be stuck on a drip someone and as I chomp my way through all 20 in one go I started to feel better. I’m now making sure I have a box in the freezer ready for when the next relapse occurs.

I’m pleased to be able to promote Lillipops via my blog and my directory. It’s a product I firmly believe in. They are only £9.95 a box and for me I’ve finally found something that helps that’s made with natural ingredients, only slightly more expensive that a prescription as an added bonus ladies……not fattening!!
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Best Pregnancy Product

Lillipops Morning Sickness Remedy Iced Soothies

"We love this simple concept! What a joyful way to ease morning sickness with peppermint and ginger ice lollies (beware kids steal them !)." Janey Lee Grace

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Lillipops are now available to buy from your local Pharmacy.

Pharmacies that do not currently stock Lillipops can order them in for you via key Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.

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