Cool Baby Cribs

There are lots of great themes for boys' and girls' rooms. A special theme will provide both the focus and the inspiration for a special one-of-a-kind room and can be adapted as your child grows. Time to get started!


A Bug's Life

From bees and ants to frogs and reptiles, creatures of nature often capture a child's attention. Maybe using this theme in the bedroom will encourage your son to leave the real thing outside!


For a safari look, find wonderful, colorful animal wallpaper borders and fabrics at any wallpaper store. Paint the walls blue, tan, ivory, or any of the colors in your wallpaper border. Make pillows and valances from coordinating leopard-print fabrics, and find some stuffed lions and tigers for the corner. 

Race Cars

With car racing, you think black and white checkered flags, and a finish line. Find an area rug with a car track design. A car bed might be fun, or decorate the walls with a car wall appliques. Zoom!

Movie or Cartoon Characters

There's something for everyone in this theme! Think Mickey Mouse, Alladin, Lion King, Toy Story, Scooby Doo'll be able to find bedding, lamps, and other decorative items that use these themes in most high street stores. 

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

There are lots of colorful choices in bedding, fabrics, and wallpaper that feature transportation themes. Most use bright primary colors and offer eye-catching designs. Make a train track border around the room, hang airplanes from the ceiling, or go wild with a car-shaped bed.


Angels, Fairies, and Elves

This universal theme will be adored by girls of any age. Angel themes could use faux painted skies and clouds, fluffy canopy beds, and soft icy pinks, blues, and lavenders. Fairy shapes are appealing with transparent wings, sparkling wands, and silvery magic dust. Incorporate some sparkles with glittering accents, silver paint, and magical designs. 

Butterflies, Bees, and Dragonflies

Anyone who has purchased gifts for girls in the last few years knows that butterflies are big! Small painted designs can be added to chair backs, picture frames, headboards, and flit around a colorful chest of drawers as well. Use butterfly hair clips to perch on a lampshade, bulletin board, or along one edge of a curtain. 

Princesses and Castles

Your Princess can have a room befitting her high status if you use sheer fabrics and fanciful details. Embellish the walls with faux painted castle walls, murals, and blue skies for a truly memorable girl's room. Contrast the weighty look of faux stone walls with trails of stenciled ivy or flowers and swaths of pretty netting used as a bed canopy. 

Moonlight Magic

Create a wonderful, soft look with by the light of the moon. The ceiling might be midnight blue, with painted moon and stars, or use some of the stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars. Embellish a colorful painted bookshelf with crisp white stars, or liven up a plain white chest with a rainbow of star shapes. Find a moon and star quilt or fabric to use for window treatments. Then add a moon cutout headboard. 

Oh to be by the seaside

If you live near the beach, or just wish you did, create an ocean theme using watery blues for the wall, sand colors on the floor, and clouds in the sky (ceiling). Take color cues from a beachy border wallpaper, art print, or piece of furniture like this colorful stool. You 'll almost be able to hear the waves!

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