Boost your Energy Levels

Top Ways to Boost your Energy Levels During Pregnancy 

Many women suffer from tiredness during pregnancy due to the emotional, physical and mental strain being pregnant can have on the body. You may find that your energy levels fluctuate more than they normally would during pregnancy and sometimes you can feel totally exhausted even after a fairly inactive day. There are many ways to combat depleting energy levels and put the spring back in your step. Check out some of the top ways below...

Sleep and relaxation 

It's vitally important to sleep well and take time to relax during pregnancy. Some women can find it hard to sleep, especially during the later stages of pregnancy when it can be difficult to find a comfortable position. It's important though to ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you suffer from morning sickness then try and get into bed earlier as you will probably find it difficult to sleep in a morning. Listen to your body and if you feel you need to sleep during the day then don't feel guilty as your body needs to have time to rest and recuperate.

Drink plenty of water 

When you are pregnant your daily water intake requirement increases. The need to drink more is due to your increased blood supply processing waste from your baby and continually producing amniotic fluid. By keeping fully hydrated you can avoid feeling lethargic. The World Health Organisation recommends that pregnant women consume around four litres of water a day. You can take the water in a variety of forms such as in decaffeinated teas and flavoured waters so that you don't get too fed up of plain water.

Try a morning sickness remedy 

Many women suffer with morning sickness during the first stages of pregnancy and although this is very common it can make the first trimester a very tiring time. There may not be one single cure for morning sickness but there are a number of remedies available that can help to alleviate the symptoms. Naturally flavoured iced lollies available from specialist providers such as Lillipops are a great way to ease the symptoms of morning sickness. This morning sickness remedy is specially formulated for pregnant women and eases symptoms including heartburn, dry mouth and sickness. Ginger and peppermint are also used as a cure for morning sickness and they can be added easily to tea or incorporated into evening meals.

Stay fit and healthy 

Eating well and exercising can give you a real energy boost during pregnancy. Although it might feel like an uphill struggle to muster the energy to exercise, exercising helps to improve circulation and also releases endorphins which help to make you feel happier and more able to take on the demands of pregnancy. Gentle exercise is recommended such as walking and swimming and you might also want to consider Pilates or yoga. If you can manage to exercise for around 30 minutes each day then you will soon start to feel re-energised. These are just some of the ways to put the spring back in your step during pregnancy.

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